Brand Spotlight: Azula - Watches Making A Difference

The Kickstarter universe has been filled with various horological projects in recent months. Recently, I had the pleasure of covering a product launch for the brand LIV. I am returning to the Kickstarter universe to cover a brand that is doing something pretty unconventional in the entry-level market. For years, mainstream brands as well as boutique brands have played around with the materials used in watchmaking process. One brand is taking the idea of using non-traditional materials in watches to the next level- Azula.

Azula is the first brand to my knowledge that is experimenting with the use of fabric in watches. The idea behind the brand is two-fold. First, to incorporate a new material into the watchmaking process and second, to raise awareness about underprivileged children worldwide. Each watch is named after an underprivileged child and features a unique fabric that is specifically cut for that watch. The unique fabrics are used to sponsor underprivileged children, with each watch you are giving back.

With the launch of their Kickstarter campaign just yesterday, Azula is looking to raise $20,000 in capital to turn this idea into reality. All too often have Kickstarter campaigns been snuffed out by the reality of the market but I think Azula is doing a social good with their project and I wish them the best. This idea has legs. Certainly, the budding watch enthusiast won't trade in their Tag Heuer for an Azula but that is not the point. This brand is trying to raise awareness about social issues through the medium of watches. Interesting concept that is similar to Toms "One for One" campaign. 

 If any of this appeals to you, please take a look at the Azula Kickstarter page and support these guys. One of their watches would make a great holiday gift. A gift that keeps on giving.