Tissot Boutique Opens New Boutique in Times Square

When thinking about this year in the world of watches, a few big moments come to mind. The release of the Patek Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, the release of the Tag Heuer Smartwatch, the Christie’s Auction that saw unprecedented sales prices and dare shall I say the Hodinkee Collector’s Summit? While the luxury market had lots to be excited about in 2015, the entry-level market doesn’t get the same attention--duly so. As you know, I cover brand releases and other exciting watch news but one brand in particular has gotten a lot of my attention this year, Tissot. To say that Tissot has been on hot streak this year would be an understatement. From from the successful launch of new models to partnerships with sports leagues and the opening of boutiques they have made significant strides to improve brand awareness here in the U.S. and abroad.

With the number of watches being sold online continuing to grow, the opening of a boutique large or small is a momentous occasion that deserves acknowledgement. For Tissot, the U.S. watch market isn’t exactly a new space for them. The Swatch Group brand opened their second NYC boutique at 45 Wall Street a little over a year ago (see my story below). This past weekend, Tissot celebrated the launch of the brand’s third NYC location, Times Square. The new boutique located at 1515 Broadway is in one of the highest trafficked locations in the world. In addition to being yet another physical presence for Tissot in NYC, the boutique will also be involved with the exclusive launches of special NBA collections (hint, hint). Tissot was named the Official Timepiece of Madison Square Garden in 2012 and the Official Timekeeper for the New York Knicks as of last month. This boutique was launched just in time for the Christmas holiday and that means good news for Tissot enthusiasts. It goes without saying that if you are in NYC, I highly recommend that you go check out the boutique for yourself, nothing beats talking to someone who knows the product in and out.