A Watch To Watch: Dietrich OT-5 & OT-6

The more I blog about watches, the more I learn about the industry and its various nuances. It should come as no surprise that the industry operates on a consumer-centric cycle. Meaning that watches are released around major holidays and trade shows. This poses a challenge to journalists like myself that want to cover new releases year round. Thankfully, a pretty innovative brand that I have covered before-- Dietrich, decided to launch two new models less than two weeks ago.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Dietrich brand, I encourage you to read my full review of the OT- 4. To appreciate Dietrich you have to put aside the traditional industry bias that says bigger watches are more uncomfortable and less innovative than their smaller brethren. With that foundation, you can allow yourself to appreciate the considerable amount of craftsmanship that goes into all of Emmanuel Dietrich’s designs. The latest members of the Dietrich family and the focus of this “A Watch To Watch” story are the OT-5 & OT-6.

Building off the iconic Dietrich (lug-less cushion shaped) case design, the OT-5 & OT-6 are welcomed arrivals that add color variety to the OT family. First let’s take a look at the OT-5.

Dietrich OT-5


At a glance, the OT-5 is a significant departure from the OT- 4 due in large part to the use of bronze on the bezel. As of late, a number of brands have tested out bronze cases which beautifully oxidize over time. I personally appreciate bronze cases despite the very malleable nature of the material. What you lose in hardness you make up for in styling at least that’s how I see it. With the OT-5, not only is the bezel bronze the hour, minute and small seconds hands are all bronze as well which adds to the overall earthy aesthetic. In addition to the use of bronze, the OT-5 features a robust case with brown PVD coating on brushed 316L stainless steel (48mm just like the OT-4). I love the amount of attention Dietrich pays to the cases and faces of their watches. Per Dietrich design, the dial is layered which gives the watch a certain depth that is hard to come by at this price point. Rounding out the strong offering is a dark brown leather strap which perfectly complements both the dial and case of the OT-5.

Dietrich OT-6


The OT-6 or the “Halloween” edition as I call it, features a bead-blasted 316L case coated in black PVD--same dimensions as the other members of the OT family. While the case is coated in black PVD, the tasteful orange accents on the hands as well as the indices give the OT-6 a certain flare. Completed with a black leather strap stitching with orange, the OT-6 is special piece that definitely spark a conversation.I won’t spoil all the details so head over to Dietrich to check out these pieces for yourself.

As you know by now, I loved the OT-4. From the design to how it wore on the wrist, the watch truly excelled in my book despite my tendency to wear watches that are sub-44mm. I think Dietrich added two very unique members to the Organic Time family with the release of the OT-5 and OT-6. And by unique I mean more than just the color, the use of bronze in the bezel of the OT-5 is a pretty big step for the brand. These pieces are definitely watches to watch.

At the time this article was published both the OT-5 and OT-6 were available for sale.

OT-5 is priced at $1400 USD while the OT-6 is priced at $1215.

Check these bad boys out for yourself - http://www.dietrich.luxury/