Tissot Opens New Boutique in NYC

This past weekend, famed Swatch Group brand Tissot launched its' second boutique here in the U.S. The new location on 45 Wall Street NY, New York marks yet another push by Tissot to seize the entry-level watch market. Located in the heart New York's Financial District, the new boutique brings a unique shopping experience for watch enthusiasts in Manhattan. Tissot is striking the perfect balance between history and functionality with the creation of this new horological space.

Featuring a historic exhibit with some of Tissot's most famed vintage pieces, the boutique is steeply grounded in the 161-year legacy of the brand. Visitors will be able to catch a glance at an 18k yellow gold watch from 1937, and a Tissot Electronic Seastar PR 516 GL from 1968 among others seminal pieces from Tissot. Given the history of this brand, Tissot is doing a great job at weaving their historical narrative into the current marketing of the brand. Another welcomed addition to the boutique is a "Watchmakers Corner." The corner will feature will an in-house Swatch group specialist for sizing and repairs. 

Tissot is taking big steps in the North American market. With the launch of the second boutique in the U.S. Tissot firmly establishes a presence in NYC. “The new Tissot boutique is the perfect addition to the world's principal financial center, which is home to many top shopping experiences in Manhattan” said François Thiébaud, Tissot President. Fitting in with the ethos of brand the new boutique also has some unique departures from the traditional Tissot boutique model. Undoubtedly, the very niche offerings of the Wall Street boutique are aimed at appealing to a more upscale clientele. 

On a more personal note, I am very pleased to see Tissot continue to cement its' place as a power player in the entry-level market. New York is a hub for horological passion globally. Although the market in NYC is saturated with luxury watch boutiques, the growing entry-level patronage is impressive. I commend Tissot for placing its' new boutique in an area that is highly visible for young-professionals and budding horologists. Certainly, Tissot does not plan to compete with Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Breitling but this boutique compliments the existing Swatch Group boutique presence on Wall Street- Tourbillon. Look out for pictures of the grand opening.