Five Watches Under $1000 To Consider On Black Friday

In anticipation of massive sales and the rampant exploitation of consumerism, here is a list of some watches to consider as you venture out on Black Friday. For the most part, the watches that made this list are pretty mainstream and have been on my radar for awhile. I apologize in advance to those of you looking for some great boutique or vintage pieces. Expect a more exhaustive write up around Christmas time that should include everything from vintage Longines to Dietrich. See below for website information about each of these pieces.

1) Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow- 

It goes without saying that I like this watch and the rest of the DW lineup. A ton of value in a package that is sub $200 USD. With a massive number of quartz options on the market, give Daniel Wellington a proper look. The ability to change out straps gives the Classic Glasgow a timeless look for any occasion- nato or leather strap. Right now if you visit the DW site use the promo code "ivytimewatches" to receive a 15% discount on all products. 

Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow

Retail- $195

2) Autodromo Veloce-

Autodromo is a great brand that is gaining more notoriety among mainstream collectors. Branded as a "motoring" inspired company, Autodromo was launched just three short years ago. Since then, they have managed to create some of the most coveted entry-level pieces. The first collection that Autodromo launched was the Veloce.  The "veloce," which means speedy in Italian, is inspired by rev counters on Italian sports cars during the 1960's. For a limited time the Veloce which usually retails for $425 is now priced at $325. The Veloce collection features expert craftsmanship and great design that far outpaces the price. While you visit the Autodromo site, also take a look at the newly released Prototipo blue-dial. The blue-dial is stunning and makes the Prototipo my favorite offering by the brand. If you can, grab both!

Autodromo Veloce

Retail- $325

3) Shinola Runwell Sport 

Shinola is an up and coming brand that is reviving watchmaking here in the United States. With a few years experience under their belt, Shinola has significantly expanded their brand and offerings. Locations in Detroit, Tribeca, and Los Angeles round out the North American market. Each location offers a unique shopping experience distinct to that location. I had the pleasure of reviewing the Shinola Runwell Sport a little under two months ago. This watch is certainly an eye-catcher and more importantly, it is a great introduction to a brand that does things correctly. The small things matter when it comes to watches- customer service and packaging are key. For a fledgling brand, Shinola has managed to master both of these areas in a relatively short period of time. Consumers are getting much more than a watch. If you can't see the Runwell Sport on your wrist, check out the rest of the Runwell, and Brakeman collections. There is a size, and color for everyone.

Shinola Runwell Sport

Retail- $825

4) Weiss Standard Field Watch

My bias for American brands is becoming so apparent, why not continue the trend. The Weiss Watch Company is doing something really unique in the watch space. Weiss is currently the only American company engineering, and manufacturing their own cases and dials, as well as finishing each movement by hand. With the bar set pretty high, Weiss has managed to surpass consumer expectations and rally a strong following. The Standard Issue Field Watch is their first watch and it is gorgeous ( I love the carbon-dial variant). Seeing one in-person confirms everything that this brand preaches -craftsmanship, fine design, and great attention to detail.  Offered in four different dial colors with a plethora of strap options, you simply can't go wrong.  Still waiting for one of these bad boys to come in for review- fingers crossed.

* A little note, their watches take 6-8 weeks for delivery so keep that in mind when shopping this Holiday Season.

Standard Issue Field Watch

Retail- $950-$1250

5)Tissot Visodate

This classic is a shoe-in for the list. Tissot consistently delivers great products backed by outstanding brand history. Currently owned by the Swatch Group, Tissot has offerings for every taste. The Tissot Visodate Heritage is a classic and happens to be in the rotation as my daily wear. Understated elegance characterizes this watch. Offered in a number of different dial, cases, and strap options, the Visodate Heritage is an homage to a bygone era of watchmaking. Coming in at a palatable 40mm, the doomed sapphire crystal, and strong Swiss movement add a ton of value to this overall package. The versatility of this watch is second to none among the Tissot lineup. Retailing for a reasonable $650, this watch can be found on various online watch shops for around $500. Snag this watch while you can, you won't regret it (check out Amazon for some serious discounts).

Tissot Visodate Heritage

Retail- $650