Christopher Ward Launches "Club 995"- The Ultimate Value Proposition

London-based brand Christopher Ward recently launched a brand new customer initiative aimed at making quality watches more affordable, "Club 995." While many luxury brands have moved away from courting the entry-level market, CW has remained true to its affordable roots. "Club 995" is truly a breakthrough for any watch enthusiast interested in quality craftsmanship and innovate design. 

The program itself allows consumers the chance to buy one of five hallmark models for only £995. Watches represented in the "Club 995" come from a number of very successful CW collection. Each of the pieces in the program showcases a unique element of CW design. The five watches include: C9 Jumping Hour MK III, C900 Worldtimer- 43mm, C1000 Typhoon, and the C11 Extreme 100. 

For those of you not familiar with CW, I recently published an article on their first North American boutique. Up until this point, my coverage of CW has been limited however, that will change shortly (I am currently in the process of reviewing the C9 5 Day Automatic featuring an in-house caliber). Hopefully my review will expose more collectors to this great brand.

Stepping back a bit and looking at the history of the brand, since CW's merger with Synergies Horlogéres in 2014 was a power move. As an outgrowth of this merger, CW has been committed to creating supply chain efficiencies and ultimately, passing those discounts on to the price of their products. Affordability and quality are not necessarily antithetical, some boutique brands have mastered the ability to produce quality timepieces while still keeping costs low. This is where consumer spending matters. A number of studies from Euromonitor and Deloitte point to the growing  marketshare of "fashion watch," yes folks quartz watches are being solid at alarming rates. I applaud CW and a number of other brands such as Tag Heuer who are taking up marketing campaigns to appeal to a new demographic and a more affordable price point. As a final note, the C9 Jumping Hour MK III is my favorite watch of the bunch. If you have a moment check out some reviews of CW products from aBlogtowatch, and Worn and Wound,  you won't be disappointed. 

Club 995