A Watch to Watch: Filson Scout Watch

Famed American goods manufacturer- Filson, recently commissioned Shinola to help the century-old company break into the watch industry. Using Shinola’s production facilities in Detroit, Filson was able to successfully leverage this partnership and have their name stamped on some pretty cool new watches. While I haven’t covered a Filson watch on the blog (they are fairly new), I have covered Shinola extensively. To date, Shinola has produced the Filson collection which features the Journeyman and Mackinaw Field. Today we are taking a closer look at the latest addition to the Filson family, the Scout.

The Filson Journeyman

Shinola continues to churn out model after model without much fanfare but I believe the Scout deserves some applause. Following in the footsteps of the Mackinaw Field, the Scout is the more handsome younger brother despite its’ bigger size at 45.5mm. In the past I have criticized Shinola for making their cases too big/soft and aquaphobic, I truly believe that poor choices in case materials and the lack of water resistance prevent most of their watches from being active daily companions. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one with these concerns. Despite the massive commercial success of their products they are changing it up a bit with the Filson collection. The Scout as previously mentioned comes in at 45.5mm with a stainless steel case which is par for the course when it comes to Shinola’s view on case sizes and materials. I think for tool watches, bigger is better because of legibility but too big obviously can be clunky depending on the size of your wrist. One element of the case that is worth pointing out, is the anti-reflective coating that is applied to the case to reduce glare. Runwell owners know that the case has a crazy amount of glare even under moderate lighting conditions, finally they did something about it. Other standout features of the Scout include the Argonite 715 quartz movement and 20 ATM water resistance. When I say this watch can truly go the distance I mean that. For a pilot-inspired watch, the Scout has an enormous amount of functionality in large part because of the added features and the conservative approach to the dial design.

The Filson Mackinaw Field

Ranging in price from $625-$900 USD the Scout is certainly not a cheap watch by any means but then again Shinola’s other offerings are comparable in price. With the base model Scout you are getting a tough tool watch from America’s most famous watch brand (at the moment). Shinola is just as much a watch brand as it is a lifestyle brand so keep that in mind when purchasing. The packaging alone can sell you on one of their watches- Shinola goes the extra mile and they pride themselves on it. For those of you looking for a new daily wear,  the Scout is a great conversation piece that will be sure to turn heads. As for the rest of the Filson collection, I am happy to see Shinola making their products more rugged and moving away from a very fashion watch look and feel. Upwards and onwards for Shinola, the Scout is definitely a watch to watch!

Editors Note- Shinola also manufactures a dual-time Scout model which features the Argonite 4220 movement. Head over to Hodinkee for a full coverage of that piece.


For more information on the three hand date model Scout visit the link below.