Brand Spotlight: SEVENFRIDAY

For our first brand spotlight, I would like to introduce a relatively new brand- SEVENFRIDAY.

Originally founded in 2012 by Daniel Niederer this brand has caught the eye of watch enthusiasts across the world. Niederer, a veteran of the watch industry,  has experience working with brands from Japan to Australia. His unique industrial flare and focus on modern design  is evident in the styling of SEVENFRIDAY timepieces. 

This brand initially caught my eye because they were doing something  so different from the rest of the industry. While many brands are introducing more high-end luxury products, and moving away from the entry-level market, SEVENFRIDAY is making unique and affordable pieces. Without a doubt the brand ethos of modern design and affordability has paid off. SEVENFRIDAY is currently represented in over 70 countries by some 300 retailers world-wide. More importantly, they are on pace to sell nearly 30,000 units this year alone. 


When it comes to marketing, the brand is appealing to young audiences. Leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, SEVENFRIDAY has managed to gather a cult-like following of thousands. Although hard-core watch enthusiasts might scoff at the design and mechanics of SEVENFRIDAY, I think the pieces definitely add value to the collection of any fledgling watch enthusiast.  

Bottom-line, the brand is doing something right and the industry should take notice. I am committed to reviewing one of their pieces in the next few weeks, fingers crossed.

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