The Successful Kickstarter Campaign- The Rossling & Co. Automatic

As many of you know, the Kickstarter universe has been fertile ground for watchmakers to test the saliency of their design. Oftentimes, these campaigns are flops but every now and then, one brand breaks the mold and has commercial success. The Rossling & Co. Automatic is an example of a successful kickstart campaign. Launched in 2013, the Kickstarter project got funded in under 21 minutes. Their tagline of 'Heirloom quality, ultra-thin, automatic watches. Versatile, fashionable and affordable. With a unique suede strap." caught the attention of the masses.

Rossling Automatic

Featuring an automatic self-winding movement (Miyota 9015), Rossling is producing competitive automatics in the entry-level space. The watch itself sports an elegant 40mm case with a 9mm case thickness. Versatile enough to fit on wrists both big and small, the watch is as versatile as advertised. A minimalist design is complimented with a white dial, blue hands and silver indices.  Rossling managed to find the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity. 

Rossling Automatic

Currently available for pre-order only, the Rossling Automatic is priced at an affordable $439. For those anxious to get their hands on one, the watches will ship sometime between March-April of 2015. While, Kickstarter campaigns often dilute true horology in search of profits, Rossling has committed itself to making high-quality watches for less. This Holiday season, Rossling is having a sale on some of their quartz watches that feature the same minimalist design. Check them out while they are in stock.

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