Mühle Glashütte Announces Variations in Blue

Famed German watchmaker Mühle Glasshütte recently announced blue dial variations for six of the brand’s most iconic timepieces. The color blue which is traditionally associated with nautically themed watches makes an appearance on a number of less active wrist companions. Known for restrained design, the addition of the blue dial variation to the Mühle Glasshütte lineup is a bold move. Some of you may think that the announcement of new color variations is rather mundane news in the watch world but I would argue just the opposite. Yes, dial variety has become an expected part of the product lifestyle but how often do you hear of brands doing this for six separate models at once, hardly ever.

For many, Mühle Glasshütte is an obscure German brand but hopefully the rejuvenation of their most coveted collections will bring some more followers into the fold. The following watches will now feature a blue dial variant- the Rasmus 2000, the Seebatailon GMT, the Teutonia II Chronograph, the Teutonia II Kleine Sekunde, the Teutonia II Medium and the Teutonia II Grossdatum Chronometer.

These stylish timepieces will serve the modern gentleman paired with a bespoke suit or a wetsuit. I certainly appreciate Mühle Glasshütte for taking this step. Just think of how many brands have been prodded by the masses to offer multiple dial variations and still no response. The answer is too many to count. Hopefully we can see more brands moving in this direction and offering more dial colors than the traditional binary (black and white).

Check out the photos below of the six watches that are getting a splash of color.