Letter From the Founder

Ivy Time Readers,

As we approach the first year anniversary of Ivy Time, I want to communicate my many thanks to my viewers and provide a peek into the future. First let me say thank you for everything, from your viewership, to comments and emails, all of it has driven me to explore the world of watches in a more meaningful manner. The majority of content on the blog comes from my daily interactions with viewers like yourselves and I can only hope to continue those relationships moving forward. Your efforts and diligence have pushed me to accomplish some pretty monumental feats thus far. Because I view all of you as an integral part of this project, here are a few important milestones that we have hit in little under a year.

    Ivy Time Facts

  • 9 Watch Reviews

  • 28 Independent Articles

  • Total Audience Size (Monthly)- 16,680

  • Total Visits (Monthly)- 19,020

  • Total Page Views (Monthly)- 32,520

        *Viewership and traffic averages taken from April 2015.

As you can tell, summer has been a very busy time for the blog. I am trying to turn out quality content that is also refreshing and relevant. While I want to consistently deliver content on a regular basis I also want to stay true to the original purpose of the blog and maintain a close connection with my audience. Looking into the future, I may include weekly or monthly guest columns for other watch enthusiasts to chime in. Additionally, within the next few months I plan to use other forms of media such as video to report on the latest news and even watch reviews. Continue to read/comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter which will come out in September!


With Appreciation,

Kyle Webster

Founder- Ivy Time Watches