Father's Day Watch Report

Late is better than never! This article is specifically for those of us who haven't bought a gift for Father's Day ( trust me I won't tell). Hopefully through this brief glimpse at five watches that have caught the attention of the watch world at large, you can make that special last minute purchase.

When creating reports such as this one, certain watches will inevitably be left out and for this reason I encourage everyone to use the comments section to sound off on other timepieces that should make the cut. For this particular report I tried my best to combine a number of sources to make this list as comprehensive and reflective of market trends as possible.  Personal observation, general interest from readers, as well as coverage from other watch blogs have combined to form this list which has a little something from everyone. So let's begin.

Seiko SKX007K $160 USD

Those in the know respect Seiko for producing some of the most functional dive watches in the world. For under $200 USD you can snag an iconic dive watch that has all the features of watches three or four times the price. Seiko has a long history of producing capable yet affordable dive watches and the SKX007K is just that. Featuring a 40mm case, 200m water resistance, and a quality automatic movement (7S26) from Seiko, this piece is the total package. Seiko gets overlooked at times because of their whimsical design and non-Swiss origin but in terms of functionality and affordability this watch is second to none. I highly recommend this watch for any father who lives an active lifestyle. You can grab one on Amazon for around $160 USD, have at it. 



Daniel Wellington Classic York $229 USD

Daniel Wellington has been a consistent favorite for men and women over the past year. Their entire collection features restrained yet elegant design, and strap versatility- NATO and leather. For these reasons along with the affordable nature of their watches, Daniel Wellington had to make the list. The Classic York is my favorite of the lot. Available in either rose gold or silver, the 40mm Classic York comes on a dark brown alligator leather strap that looks amazing on the wrist. Aside from the 40mm case size which strikes a perfect balance on the wrist (for most), the 6mm case depth makes the watch extremely wearable. Listed just over $200 USD, Daniel Wellington could be the perfect gift for Dad and you won't break the bank.

Daniel Wellington Classic York

Tissot Quickster Lugano $350 USD

Tissot recently announced the release of the Quickster Lugano and it was received very well to say the least.  While Tissot is known for entry-level automatic offerings this quartz watch has lots of sporty/nautical appeal just in time for summer! The Quickster Lugano is the first watch Tissot has offered with three different strap options standard. For some this isn't a big deal because other brands have moved towards this business model but for a Swiss brand to offer multiple NATO straps (standard) is pretty impressive. Now for the details of the watch. The Lugano comes in at 40mm with 100m water resistance, making it a more than capable companion for long days spent on the water. Aside from the overall sporty aesthetic and versatility, the Quickster Lugano is affordable at $350 USD.

Tissot Quickster Lugano

Autodromo Prototipo Brian Redman Edition $775 USD

Gear heads beware, Autodromo has produced yet another motoring inspired limited edition chronograph. Building off the very successful Prototipo chronograph which features a Seiko Meca-Quartz movement, Autodromo produced the Brian Redman limited edition. Named after famed motorist Brian Redman's historic victory at the Nurburgring 1000km race, this timepiece features an attractive balance of colors on the dial in addition to a rally style leather strap. Definitely reminiscent of a bygone era in motorsports, the Brian Redman edition is a welcomed new member of the Autodromo family. In the past I have spoken about the great craftsmanship behind these watches and that still holds true. While this watch is listed at $775 USD, any father would be happy to receive this beauty today.

Autodromo Prototipo Brian Redman Edition

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Aluminum $ 1,145 USD

Another strong offering from the Swatch Group made the list however, this time we are talking about Hamilton. The Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Aluminum was a standout at Baselworld 2014 and still maintains its heralded place in watch collections to this day. Just a hair over $1000 USD this watch is the most expensive on the list but offers some pretty innovative design elements for the discerning horologist. This lightweight pilot's watch features an aluminum case which is unheard of in the watch world. Aluminum is not traditionally used in case construction because of its brittle nature. Hamilton decided to take a risk and use aluminum that has been specially treated to increase durability. The result has caught many by surprise, the treated aluminum maintains durability, and wearability similar to that of high-grade stainless steel. Outside of the unique case material, the rest of the Pilot Pioneer echoes the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that has become synonymous with the Swatch Group. Available in four different colors, the Pilot Pioneer also features a matching NATO strap and impressive 80 hour power reserve. Because this watch is over $1000 USD I would recommend that you buy this for a Dad who likes the Swatch Group or has some existing interest in aviation. There are plenty of impressive pilot's watches under $1000 USD but if you have the money you can't go wrong with this one.

Hamilton Pioneer Pilot Aluminum

These five watches are very strong offerings from some of the most recognizable brands in the business. From divers to pilot's watches this list is in no way exhaustive but rather a snapshot of some affordable offerings that would make a nice surprise for Dad. As I said before please comment below or email me if you have suggestions for other watches that I should take a look out. Happy Father's Day!!!