A Watch to Watch: Corniche Heritage 40 (Updated)

Corniche Watches, a relatively new brand from Stockholm recently launched their newest watch-- the Heritage 40. Since its’ release, the Heritage 40 has received loads of praise from the watch world and a strong following on social media. In this segment of “A Watch to Watch” the Heritage 40 by Corniche Watches will be explored.

Created originally by three watch enthusiasts, Corniche Watches prides itself on creating “traditional watches, with a dash of new.” Inspired by summers spent on the French Riviera, the confident and elegant design of the Heritage 40 imbues a sense of luxury at a fraction of the price.

Corniche Heritage 40 - White Dial

The Heritage 40 comes in two different variations, a white porcelain dial and a black ceramic dial both of which are stunning in person. The two models sport signature dauphine hands which add sharpness to the overall presentation of the dial. Additional features include curved lugs, and a redesigned case back that features an engraved Mediterranean pine tree. At a modest 40mm the Heritage 40 is the perfect size for a modern daily wear. I could easily see myself adding this watch to the collection, great design at an affordable price.

Corniche Heritage 40 - Black Dial

Priced at $380 USD for both options, the Heritage 40 is holding its’ own against brands such as Hamilton and Tissot. A strong offering overall, the watch is powered by a Miyota 2025 quartz which allows Corniche to keep the price down.

Personally, I am drawn to the white dial option because of the contrasting blue hands. In all, the Heritage 40 from Corniche Watches is an elegant timepiece reminiscent of a bygone era. The recent popularity of this watch shows that the market still values simplistic vintage design. Oversized watches have not taken over yet, thank the horological gods.

At the time of this article, the black dial variation was sold out but should be available later this month. 

Updated Post

Rarely do I have the pleasure of catching a watch brand before they truly blow up. In the case of Corniche Watches I had to revisit this post because they have added some spectacular new products to their lineup within the past 48 hours. Corniche entered the market with the launch of the Heritage 40 with black and white dial variations. I am happy to write about the newly launched Limited Edition Heritage 40 Tuxedo, and one other variation of the flagship Heritage 40. 

 Limited Edition Heritage 40 

Limited Edition Heritage 40 

The Limited Edition Heritage 40 Tuxedo is a stainless steel case, black dial version of the Heritage 40. Released in a quantity of only 250 pieces, each watch is individually numbered. Heavily relying on the most iconic aspects of the Heritage 40 design, this limited edition is the first to feature a stainless steel case instead of rose gold. Corniche has truly created a stunning tuxedo piece that doesn't break the bank. To get this on your wrist, the Limited Edition Heritage 40 Tuxedo retails for $410 USD.

Limited Edition Heritage 40 Tuxedo (case back)

Rounding out the new Heritage 40 lineup, Corniche has also added a beautiful stainless steel white dial model. Retaining all of the design aesthetic of the Heritage 40 series, the white dial offers a more casual option for brand enthusiasts. With a total of four models in the series, Corniche has a watch for every one.  From the most formal occasion to a casual dinner party, the Heritage 40 could be on your wrist.

As an aside, the two new Heritage 40 models maintain the same specifications as the rest of the series. The only true differences are in case material and dial color.

Visit the Corniche website for more info- http://cornichewatches.com/